Space-property Title & Asteroid Resources Consortium
We’re committed
to free worlds of Peace & Prosperity
Humanity cannot afford to open up new worlds using the same methods and manners which mark our rise to technology-using individuals.   StarCo has been founded to provide a Registry and allocate the resources available to every living individual. 

This is a first step toward Global Peace, providing the necessary tools to open the stars to peaceful co-existence.   

The images at the right tell the story.  We are in danger from the impact of asteroids, comets and other space borne objects.  At the same time these are the raw material which can take Humanity to the Stars and ensure the survival of Earth, our home.  

Bringing this about is our mission.
Our Challenges
To Keep the Earth Safe from the threat asteroids
Ensure Humanity shares the wealth potential Asteroids present.
Worlds of Peace and Prosperity
Welcome to Our Future